Friday, March 19, 2010

1 week and counting: March to the finish line

Approximately 1 week has passed since I set out to catch up on my ambitious "Cardgame" project. My goal has been finishing the last 5 cards sold, so I can go forward with the 14th auction and the rest of the Game. These cards each take approximately 2 days to make, and are admittedly tedious.
The pattern on the backs of the cards uses 240 individually cut and set pieces of chopped dimes and pennies, nearly 2 dollars worth of change, per card. I punch holes and inset punch-outs into these holes to create the circle effect.
Finishing the reverse sides was only the first step, the next part involves cutting out the patterns for the faces.
I use a marker to draw out the correct suit and number, then I lift each piece separately and use a file to remove the extra material. It's not something I'd recommend trying at home.
The dashed lines let me refit the pieces after I've finished cutting out the shapes.
Whew! It's been a long week, and I'm almost ready to start the final steps. The card auction will resume this Sunday, at 6 pm Eastern Time, coinciding with the Spring Equinox. Happy playing!

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