Saturday, November 1, 2008

the making of "OBAMA vs. McCAIN"

With only a few days to go before the election, I find myself in a scramble to promote my new work, which metaphorically describes the candidates in terms of their funding and voter bases.

The artwork is unique, in that the process was developed in conjunction with the creation of the piece itself.I started with a Google-image search. I found a picture I liked and made a pencil sketch.
Changing the contrast and saturation, I was able to break the image into patches of lights and darks.
The next step required a visit to the metal shop.
My raw material was change. Actual money.
Hours and hours of chopping ensued.
The work became a mosaic.
I devised a technique using masking tape and silicone.
Each section could be captured in layers and set aside.
Working this way, the surface contains a certain element of relief.
Numerous finishes and different colors of silicone help to add contrast.
Some areas were polished, others left with their natural, circulated finish.
Finally, nickels and acid let me add bright and dark highlights.
Finished with Obama, I moved onto his opponent.
His sketch was much smaller, tighter, placed in the lower right-hand corner.
His eyes and mouth were made from gold dollar coins.
Quarters and dimes filled in the rest, and black enamel paint brings out the details.
Next came the background. I decided to hammer out a geometric pattern of coins.
Holes were punched in the center of each coin first.
In the upper left hand corner, I used a patina to create flag pattern behind Obama's head.
One more step, and it was complete. Obama Vs. McCain!


Anonymous said...

Ted, once again I'm impressed! Kara Ty

Anonymous said...

Ted, nice page and nice work. Thanks for including my piece as well as Jim's. The three works look strangely perfect together - even though they are individually unique. All the best to you. -Andy