Thursday, July 23, 2009

iResurrection: a Technological Advancement in Art

Two years ago at this time, my trusty iBook G4 was about to be destroyed by a freak rainstorm. It's sudden and unexpected and tragic demise spelled the loss of vast amounts of information that was not backed up. I made the most of the situation, and, like a pruned plant, redoubled my efforts to create new work.
The useless iBook went on a shelf in my room, and I vowed that if I ever had the money, I'd get someone to extract the data for me.

It's such a shame to see such an expensive tool destroyed so soon in its life, but then again, the planned obselescence to which the computer companies have always subjected us rendered it basically useless years ago anyway.

A lot of people really like the designs of these things. I can see the appeal. I removed the innards and replaced the screen with a mosaic made from coins. I gave my old friend an artificial heart, so it could continue to live on.
Last week my iMac G5 died and now I've been forced to switch to a Windows loaner. It's been like moving to Canada. I kind of know how to get things done, but everything's a little strange. In time I'm sure I'll adapt. Hopefully soon NYC craigslist will cough up a suitable macBook for me or another iMac, but it's a pain in the butt looking. I am glad the problems I have in life are so trivial.
My heart goes out to all the computers who have needlessly lost their lives prematurely. They will always live on in our memory. We can rest assured they've gone to a better place. Oh yeah, I finally got the data off that old harddrive.... and it didn't cost a thing.

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