Sunday, January 10, 2010

Future Excavation: the Apple of my iPod...

Once upon a time, in a kingdom much like our own, there was built an object of great power.
So powerful, indeed, that were this object to fall into the wrong hands, no good could come. Surely, speculation favors this object as a possible component of that very civilization's demise.
According to legend, the object could, of it's own accord, choose songs at will to perform for a captivated listener.
The songs, although fully orchestrated, required no instruments to produce. How it was able to memorize thousands remains a mystery.
Of most impressive note, the people of this era had the ability to instruct the device to perform particular to their liking. Owing to this attribute, no two of millions discovered are exactly alike.
It is highly probable that persons coming into contact with this object were difficult to separate from its influence, perhaps even becoming overwhelmed with adulation.
Such a powerful creation was surely the product of a civilization of advanced knowledge and skills. Perhaps, were they here today, we could learn something from these great peoples.
Any species capable of producing something as magnificent and substantial as the iPod must surely possess many great abilities.
Or maybe simply a keen grasp of Witchcraft.
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