Saturday, August 2, 2008

finger lickin' bad!/ CHARITY CASE

oops! i've had an accident and lost the usage of my left hand! it's not permanent, but will pose a definite setback. my typing technique has changed so shift won't be a priority for a while. there's a great story behind this, but i think that deserves a future post. the current situation finds me missing three fingers and unable to make art! if it were newsworthy, the article might look like this:in an attempt to make some refreshing midsummer lemonade from this recent sour experience, Greenpoint Gallery has organized an event to help me with my lost wages and insane medical bills. our last event, on Ju;y 4th, had nearly 200 people watching fireworks from the rooftop. This one will be better.

the reluctant messiahs- july 4th

"The Reluctant Messiahs" will be playing again, and also my new favorite band, Asa Ransom. I cannot overemphasize how much I like this band. I saw them perform at a house party a few weeks ago and talked them into playing at our space. listen to their music and see... it's addictive and they're great live LISTEN

as if this wasn't enough, we have an amazing artshow up and the reception will be from 7 to 9. the most amazing political paintings i've seen come from jeramy turner and are done in oil
"operation iraqi liberation" jeramy turner, oil on canvas (BIG)
"founding fathers" jeramy turner, oil on canvas (BIG)
"recycling plant" jeramy turner, oil on canvas (HUGE)

also featured is emerging artist laura meyers
who is making collages-paintings in Bushwick
"meadows legend" laura meyers (collage)

and of course it wouldn't be right to exclude myself. in addition to many recent sculptures, i'll be showing 2 coins for the first time ever together.
here's a cool animation to illustrate the coins in mint condition
"PROOF SET" ted stanke

and much more.... come offer condolences... see art... hear music... drnk beer
here's a shot from the july 4th opening...

I'm turning 32
for a recap of last year's birthday, click here

and in case you think i'm faking my injuries...
this was the lucky hand...i sliced off the tip of my ring finger.... only 8 stitches... no surgery required...

If you can't come to the benefit but would like to help anyway, I've added a "paypal" link at the top of the blog. They say I can't use my fingers for months, and my income depends on making things with my hands... anything will help as the rent clock ticks away

I know artists' artwork increases in value when they die, what about losing your fingers? it ought to be good for an extra 15 percent...

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