Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Years Resolution: start selling weapons

Following a great deal of research, I have concluded that the key to making good money in this world lies in the manufacture and distribution of firearms.
I don't consider myself a violent individual, however, according to the Beatles, "Happiness is a warm Gun." How can you argue with the Beatles?
So here's my "Revolver": Smith and Wesson, 38 Special, made entirely from chopped coins and epoxy.
Turning money into art is cool enough, but turning it into weapons is even cooler.
When holding this art one feels powerful, safe, strong.
The simple beauty of the firearm cannot be ignored.
It is my intention to make an eventual arsenal.
Private collectors are the target.

One cannot fully appreciate this artwork without holding it and feeling it.

Ready, Aim....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3rd card revealed/Maxwell's Silver i-Hammer

On the workbench: A few Things.
Card number 3 is the 4 of Diamonds.
Shown here in Progress, in reverse. Certain details are lost forever...
But all is not lost. In my attempt to document all items ever known to mankind, I have made progress on two specimens.
One is a tool for building, an embodiment of manual labor.
The other delivers music electrically,
And was engineered by a team of hundreds.
Both produce rhythm. It's a start....