Thursday, October 29, 2009

the MoneyMorphosist Manifesto: turning art into money by turning money into art

Whether we realize it or not, we are a society created by art but controlled by money. Throughout civilization, art has been the fuel for humanity, while money has been the carrot dangling before us. Both money and art have value to us, but only one is lasting. Without money we can't survive, yet without art we don't exist. As our Global Monetary system continues to crumble, it seems logical to reinvest some of the slipping currency into a format tested by time: Artwork.
Basic similarities between money and art:
1. Money is generated by working, so is art.
2. Civilizations that value money also value art.

Basic differences between money and art:
1. As a nation's debt increases, the value of its currency decreases.
2. As an artist gains notoriety, the value of their artwork increases.
Most people value money more than they value art, but which is more valuable?
Historically: Ancient coins are collectible by enthusiasts, Ancient mosaics are kept in museums.
Currently: The Money of today can be easily be turned into things, yet the Art of today is difficult to turn into money.

Who values art the most?
1. Those who want to influence great numbers of people. (ie. Pharoahs, Popes, Dictators, CEOs, etc.)
2. The artists themselves.
Who produces Art? An Artist.
Who produces Money? A Taxpayer.

Who needs Money? artist 2. the government

If the Government itself were to promote an artist turning money into artwork, they could increase the value of the artwork, and consequently their own tax revenue. An Artist turning Money into Art, selling it for more Money, and paying taxes on the profit could help invigorate the economy. MoneyMorphosism is Patriotic. MoneyMorphosism makes sense. I volunteer to be an artist for America.

Turning money into art:
1. Removes money from circulation, thus countering inflation.
2. Adds exponential value to the coins used, helping the economy.
3. Is cool.

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