Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Key: an Initial Public Offering

My latest project is an attempt to reconcile my disdain for money with my desire for it. Many are being made available, directly through me, for $50 each.
My artwork has always been an outlet for the excess energy that I could be putting into anything else, but don't. By avoiding all other aspects of society that do not appeal to me, I have managed to focus exclusively on that which does: the creation of amazing new things.
This decision was made at my own insistence, long before I knew what I was doing, and to change my course after this many years would be like losing myself. If I didn't only make art, I would not know who I am. It is a ball and chain, yes, but there's a comfort in this kind of union: me and my art share the struggle together.
As liberating as it is to only do what you love, it's also, unfortunately, incompatible with our current society unless it generates some income. The key is to find a way to seamlessly integrate my daily projects with a source of money, and continue to explore my art with that new, additional parameter. Seems simple enough.
Unfortunately, Art and Capitalism don't mix, unless, of course, the artist is willing to comprimise. The very nature of mass production is a odds with the creative impulse that drives artmaking, yet without repetition on a massive scale, any profit-driven enterprise is destined to fail.
The key would be to create a project in which the Corporate model is replicated microscopically by simply erasing some zeros. I'll be the CEO, the advertising department, the managers, the workers, and the delivery team. If AT&T looks at the world in terms of billions, I'll see it in terms of tens. The profits will still buy bread and cheese.
So, after much deliberation, I've developed a plan. I endeavor to make available to investors my first public offering: an edition of 100 Keys made from coins, for a paltry sum of 50 dollars apiece. Whereas most of the objects I'm making from coins and epoxy are one-of-a-kind and worth thousands, this latest project will be a flurry of objects, each mostly similar yet slightly unique.
The keys are made from 2 quarters, cut, filed and epoxied. The chains are fashioned from a single nickel apiece. The pendants are icosahedrons, 20 sided Platonic Solids built from 5 chopped pennies. Payment can be made over the internet using a credit card, available for pick-up in the NYC area, or deliverable anywhere else for the cost of shipping.In a world of shaky investments, here is one that is sound. Freeing my time to pursue more art ensures my continuing rise to notoriety, and once I'm well-known, these will surely increase in value. All that aside, they're pretty darn cool.
Anyone wishing to act on this limited offer should contact me immediately for further details. If this goes well, additional offerings of lesser quantities and higher values will be occasionally introduced. Stay tuned and spread the word... I'm hoping these will open doors, if only even metaphorically...

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