Friday, December 19, 2008

the World Spilled its Money/BAILOUT!

New Work
16" x 40" x 2"
Chopped Coin Mosaic


North America...

...South America...



...Europe, the Middle East, & Asia

The world from pocket change, chopped into tiny pieces. Global finance, wounded deeply by debt, spills oceans of copper blood. Emergency measures seal the gash with more money, stopping the flow of credit. While the patient/victim remains in critical condition, questions remain to be answered: will it heal?
Is money something we can save?
Most importantly, is it worth it?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ted,

The labor intensive aspect of your work is admirable! The ideas have a simplicity to them that require no further investigation. Therein lies the problem. Symbols and metaphor are great, but audience members usually want to have something to consider, or be so overtaken by the visuals that the meaning can remain secondary. But it seems to me that you want meaning to be the primary aspect of your work, but you need to find a way of saying things without the overly simple symbols and iconography that you implicate.
There is something quite off putting about barbies, action figures, and dolls (pennies and nickels). These object are too commonplace. You are responsible for being more creative than this. You have a great sensibility for making objects, and can deliver some well fabricated pieces, you need to use this to your advantage.
There must be a way for you talk about current political issues without being so straight forward. Look at contemporary artist who deal with heavy subject matter, but deliver it in a way that is intriguing and new.
You want to be in the current conversation of art, but you're not bringing new ideas to the table, they are too simple. Consider getting away from making art that talks about subjects that the NY Times covers. Why do we need a reiteration of things we see in the news?
We realize that you are a member of society and want to voice your opinion, but you have an entire life history to make art about. You must be more than a Obama poster, or a coin.
Your writing is quite good, and keeps people reading, the voice you portray in your blog is not the voice i see in your work. Tap into who you are and your history and i'm sure you'll find subject matter.

Ted Stanke said...

Thanks whoever you are for your honest and insightful critique. I consider works such as these, with simple, solid metaphors, to be a documentation of current events, meant to remind or inform future viewers, as well as a way for me to come to terms on my own level with the kinds of issues that face us as a planetary species. I'm not trying to appeal with the metaphors to people who already understand these issues, but rather towards people on the fence, who've been fooled into living their lives without making these seemingly simple connections about money and power. The repetition helps me bide my time while I spend countless hours thinking hard about better options. In essence, the work I've made since 2005 has been of this ilk, and perhaps the financial crisis we now see and the election of Obama signifies the closing of this this chapter of my work. We'll see... -Ted

Tatiana said...

Wow...aside from the visual, how heavy is this piece?

Ted Stanke said...

not too heavy... maybe 25 pounds

bootgun said...

3 cheers for you and this creation.