Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preparations Begin for the Death of the Dollar

A time comes in the reign of any great, powerful ruler in which they begin to plan for their demise.
Besides simply lineage and wealth, a ruler naturally seeks to leave behind something for those beyond the present moment. Ideally, evidence must be generated to prove to the people of the future that this ruler was magnificent and grand. During the 1930's, when the first signs of mortality emerged, Temples were built in Midtown Manhattan to show the glory of our King, the Dollar. A good start indeed, wonderful mausoleums, but the illness eventually passed, and death was averted, or at least staved.
We can learn from the Mayans, Egyptians, and others, that the most powerful rulers commission a death mask to accompany them to the grave.
Pacal Votan, the Mayan ruler generally linked to the cosmos, was found adorned with a jade mosaic mask.
The inevitable approach of year 2012, and with its coming the end of the Mayan calender, has captured the attention of the masses and the media.
Economic fissures continue to erupt daily amidst the vast, confusing world of global finance. Let's face it folks: we're screwed.
A grand era of Dollar dominated decades has suddenly found itself feeling fatigued. The end is nigh.
Wearily, surveying its Kingdom, the Dollar must plan for its demise. Alas and alack.
As an artist conscripted by birth into service of this master, I feel it fitting to offer my services, for the sake of our Almighty Dollar.
The Mayan artisans used wood and plaster to make their masks, but given the accomplishments of His beloved Highness, it seems apt to use modern materials instead. Styrofoam forms the core, covered in adhesive and cotton fabric.The precious jade that was polished and inset across the face of the mask becomes instead pennies, flattened and cut.
3M style, space-age sticky tape holds the individual tiles in place, courtesy of Office Depot or Staples. Total transparency.
When the entire surface has been covered, the shell can be removed.
The next step involves GE Silicone II adhesive.

They Bring Good Things to Light.
After a time, the tape can be peeled away.

Our Dollar, the King, should be pleased to see the preparations going well ahead of schedule.
Raised towards the Heavens, behold: it is the Death Mask of His Majesty.

Long live the King!

to be continued...

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