Monday, October 27, 2008


Based on the mosaics from the original subway platforms in NYC, my new work addresses the current economic crisis.
Composed entirely of chopped-up coins, the work sums up symbolically the practices that led to the catastrophe.One direction reads "LIES",
and is composed of dollars and quarters yet rimmed in gaming tokens, representing speculation and gambling.
The other direction is "TRUTH",
made from pennies and nickels, rimmed by Japanese Yen,
representing hard work and honesty.

The entire background is tiled with pennies.

The central panel displays a graph, shaped like a stairway. To the right, a rift has formed, breaking off "TRUTH" and leaving "LIES" attached to the bulk of the wealth.

Held together by humans alone, the bottom of the chasm holds a river of handguns.

Monday, October 6, 2008


This piece is currently for sale on E-bay

To capture the essence of the election, I've created a new piece of artwork.
It's simple and self-explanatory, a mosaic made from chopped-up American coins.
Obama is made from pennies and nickles, McCain from Quarters, Dimes, and a few Sacajaweas.

Here's a video of the piece featuring the music of Asa Ransom