Thursday, January 7, 2010

tool making: Two Types of Towers

My recent projects attempt to revalue money through transformation by harnessing the power innate within all objects.
Few objects hold so much power as buildings, and the tallest structure yet was just completed in Dubai.
Twice the height of the Empire State Building, the completion of this structure represents a new pinnacle of human achievement.
When the Empire State Building was constructed, our nation was amidst a great financial crisis, caused by greedy rich people taking advantage of humble poor people.
This time the crisis is global, and was caused in the same way. Money never changes: the poorest ones make it, the wealthiest take it.
The patterns we create seem as ridiculous as inevitable.
Our tool-making skills can be harnessed to create many types of objects, yet two seem to stand out as important above all others: those for construction, and those for destruction.
A builder is a respected individual, hard-working and intelligent, who contributes to the world in a positive fashion.
Every swing of a hammer drives a lasting bond between two separate things. We trust these structures to hold us up.
He who wields a weapon commands a different type of respect.
Having a gun doesn't make people assume you're intelligent, nor necessarily hard-working.
They will, however, do whatever you tell them.
Making these two tools at the same time poses some interesting questions.
Which is more powerful?
Which is more valuable?
And which is more important?

Dedicated to the people who were forced to construct the world's tallest building.

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Anonymous said...

you can unload your weapon on me anytime mr. man