Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Game Goes On/ Playing for Keeps

Holding all the cards in one's life is obviously not possible.
Making artwork requires freedom, and that can only come from funding.
Rising to the top of any circle involves a certain amount of persistence, as well as talent and luck.
It seems these days so many artists have achieved glory simply by learning to bluff.
In the artworld, the dealers seem to hold all the cards, while the artists are offered as ante.
This Card project represents for me more than anything an idea about how to escape the traditional method of selling art, to set up a steady income over a set period of time, and to broaden my exposure to a larger group of people than the gallery world would allow me to reach.
In addition, I wanted to make buying and selling artwork fun, by turning collectors into competitors.
We all have been dealt a different hand in life, and the art card is not one we all draw.
Making art for me is no longer a choice, but rather an inescapable inevitability.
I enjoy the patterns I see unfolding, in art as in life.
And I figure it's only a matter of time before somehow the choices I've made suddenly make sense.
Look to see a massive surge in the promotion of this monumental project in the coming months.
Check this blog often to see progress updates.
And be sure to visit the weekly auctions on Ebay to see how I'm doing.
My eventual goal? Some years from now, if "Name a Famous Artist" is a survey question on Family Feud, I want to beat Picasso by 20 or more votes.
Survey Says!?!

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