Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Nest Egg/Journey to the East

2005: the first time I attempted to "build" an object from coins.
The methods were crude; I simply drilled holes and poked wires through them.
The imagery was simple: a nest and an egg. I created it upon returning from a trip to Japan.
The nest is American Pennies, the egg Japanese Yen.
I think it's a metaphor for our relationship with Japan...
...the specific details of which are open for individual interpretation.
Not long ago, our countries were sworn enemies, determined to destroy or conquer one another at any expense.
After we leveled Tokyo, they rebuilt it in the image of our own metropolis, but with one major difference:
they're much better at cooperating with each other than we will ever be.
The decades following the war saw Japan providing us with an accelerated advancement of electronic technology, sown from the seeds of our impressive atomic bombardment.
What I could never figure out was if America built the nest and Japan was the egg, who would the bird be?
China? Russia? Iran? Venus?
Your guess is as good as mine.

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