Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the Card Trick/playing art dealer for a year

Choosing not to ignore the urge to be an artist is a gamble.
Life is risky enough when you play by the rules, and being an artist breaks them all.
In order to stack the cards, an artist must become a Jack of many trades.
Life deals a certain amount of opportunities itself, the rest is up to you.Making art, like gambling, is addictive.
Unlike gambling, however, there is no "helpline" for those addicted to making art.
Winning the game of art takes skill as well as luck.
I want to win. My newest project spans an entire year.
52 cards, 52 weeks, 52 auctions on Ebay. Each auction starts on Tuesday at noon Eastern.
As publicity builds, my theory is that the prices will rise. There will be no reserve price for any, and the bidding starts at 99 cents.
Aside from the first auction, the face of the card will not be revealed until the bidding has ended.
Each card is mounted in a sealed glass display unit, and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Each is handmade by Ted, from chopped American coins and epoxy.

The first card will be revealed in advance: The Ace of Spades.
>>>go to auction<<<

The ongoing progress will be documented on my new Blog. Tune in weekly for updates and images.


jcp said...

This looks awesome! Great work!

Rosa Phoenix said...

Wish you Good Luck on your dealing$