Sunday, April 8, 2012


A short while ago, in a Galaxy near, nearby, I created a piece of artwork that represented a reality check on high ideals. It was made in haste, from materials I found lying around.
The original manifestation of the piece as well as it's manifesto can be viewed HERE
Since making the original incarnation of this work, I have longed to revamp it with a proper crucifix, fitting for the time and place to which Luke Skywalker belongs.
Recently, my greatest friend, who is the director of the gallery in Brooklyn where I focus all of my efforts and show all my art, gave me a model spaceship that I'd been pestering him about for years.
It was an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars movies, and for my purposes it was absolutely perfect. I chopped it up with a razor and built my own shape. I painted details and magnetically bonded the victim to his device of execution.
The parallels between Luke Skywalker and Jesus are as evident as the parallels between the Roman Empire 2000 plus years ago and the Dark Galactic Empire of the Star Wars world. My blog, as well, was somewhat martyred as I focused on putting my efforts into the gallery and my other projects.
Crucifying Skywalker on Imperial Equipment is more than fitting on this Easter Sunday, 2012.
And, like Jesus, like Luke, my blog will rise again, and once more I will share the projects I've been working on with the rest of the world.
Every week for as long as it seems necessary, I'll be posting some pictures of my current projects. I have a lot going on, so I'm excited to share.
Thanks to everyone who has been a fan, I appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm, and hope to inspire as many people as possible.


heartfartlazare said...

always inspired by you!

heartfartlazare said...
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always inspired by you!

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