Monday, June 18, 2012

5 cents, 5 senses

Having nose and Having mouth, that's what life is all about.
They're the only things I don't detest.

Having ears with which one hears
or eyes to spy what one is near

 or hands to feel and type and steal
is overrated at best.

To smell is divine, and eating is good--you must do it if you want to grow.

In hell people fryin' all wish that they could give up sight, sound and touch down below.
Cuz the screams are so loud that they grate on your ears,
 and the dark smoky cloud fills your eyes up with tears,
and the pain on your skin makes you beg makes you wish
 that your closest of kin was some primitive fish
who lives in a dimly lit cave...
...and whose teeth bite quite well, and whose pastime is smell
and who cares not one bit if it's saved.


Anonymous said...

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