Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 2: Making Money Instead of Art

After a lengthy hiatus, I return to the Blogosphere with pictures of my newest work in progress: a giant penny made from actual pennies.
I stopped posting blog entries because I felt like I'd said everything I needed to say, and that the stories about my past provided ample material for new and old viewers to peruse and examine.Just because I stopped posting on my blog doesn't mean I stopped working on projects.
In fact, my newest project is a series that I believe surpasses in concept and execution everything I've created up until this point.
For the first time in my explorations, I'm using a specific object to create a modified version of itself: Meta-Art!
Creating coins from coins is satisfying on so many levels, the first and personally most important being that I have gained a great deal of fans based on the powerful coin series I produced in 2002.
By re-visiting the subject of coins, I am coming full-circle on a path that spans 10 years.
My skills have grown immensely, and our world has changed dramatically, so now the project has a cleaner look and a deeper significance.
My plan is to create all four coins again, but this time as two-sided objects.
Revaluing the money as larger versions of itself breathes new life into our sputtering economy, and gives hope to those who fear that money itself will be the cause of our extinction.
Stay tuned for more updates on this project.


greg said...


Anonymous said...

Ted, how can I buy this piece? I LOVE it!
Please call me. Take care, Tracy Coldsnow

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