Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Opening Another Toolchest/Earning Amnesty

Sometime ago, I made some tools from chopped coins.
Recently, while browsing the web, I came across a page where I'd been featured. I could vaguely remember getting an e-mail months back from someone asking me if it would be okay to use my images, but I'd never actually seen the article.
When I clicked it I couldn't believe my eyes. Another artist had made some work strikingly similar to my own.
Was I intimidated? Did I feel threatened? No. Our approaches are completely different. If anything, I was impressed.
It's good to be part of a large, broad movement, whose existence in America is only possible within this particular era. Her name is Stacey Lee Webber, she's a jewelry maker by trade, and she even went so far as to obtain a document from the US Mint assuring her she could mess with money.
So there you have it: discouraged , but not penalized.
So I guess that throws a wrench into my plan to get arrested for chopping up coins and finally get the media to cover my art. That's how I'd planned to get famous.
I suppose it's back to the drawing board.
No, the "Adjustable Wrench" sculpture is not adjustable.
It's just art. And it's totally Legal.
Yes: one side is Heads and the other is Tails.
I'm not sure if I'll make more tools from coins, but I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else does.


Silver Thistle said...

You sir, are a genius!!

If ever I am asked to name my favourite artist, I shall say Ted Stanke!

I'm blown away by all of it, totally and completely.

If I ever have my wish granted of an obscene lottery win I would throw money at any project you wanted to venture.

Keep up the good work Ted, your art is STELLAR!

Anonymous said...

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I shall say Ted Stanke!

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