Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dawn of a New Direction/sticking it to the world

Looking out the window of my new studio in Brooklyn.
After 2 full years of chopping up coins to make artwork, I've amassed a worthless fortune in stockpiled scraps. Although technically money, this kind of thing is definitely not something that can be spent. What good is a nickel if it's only a speck? How many pieces of a penny does it take to buy a loaf of bread?
So I've decided to distribute the value into another project, in order that thousands of coin particles can merge together and form a priceless art object.
My approach thus shifts, as I begin to stick precut pieces to actual objects. It doesn't get any less toxic than this: Elmers Glue is my initial adhesive.
By building up rows of slivers, I've been able to create an ocean that resembles skewed stacks of nickels.
The land is made from pennies, fit together like a wall of stones.
Mountains are formed by sideways slivers of dimes and Quarters.
Inland bodies of water are denoted by tiny coin punchouts.
When ocean meets land, subtle interplay occurs.
I have been following the actual currents of the world when laying out these waves.
Using the globe as a template, I will continue until I've covered the entire planet.
To be Continued...

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