Thursday, March 19, 2009

into the hands of the hardcore collectors...

Braving the chilly afternoon drizzle, I just picked up a copy of the new issue of COINage Magazine from a newsstand in Manhattan. It's a publication that receives wide subscription circulation amongst avid coin collectors worldwide. It's tough to find, but can be ordered easily online.
Inside, an article features myself and two other artists who made images of Obama from actual "change" during the run-up to the election. I flipped through it quickly before paying and showed the surprised cashier a picture of myself on a page with several portraits of Obama. "You know him?" she asked, smiling wide. "Nope." I replied. "I just make art."

Here's the text of the section of the article that mentions my work. It can be read by clicking the image. The article was written by Jon Blackwell, who also writes for the NY Post. He found me online using "Google".In this time of economic chaos, when people are looking to invest their dollars in things that won't lose value, coins are one of the few trusted safehavens.
Now, while contemplating which proof sets to select for the vault, they are inadvertantly given another investment option to consider, one with theoretically unlimited growth potential:

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