Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wing & a Prayer(praying that winging it will work)

You're looking at the glint of artificial sunlight on the surface of a puddle of epoxy, a petroleum based adhesive, at my studio in Brooklyn. Encased within, tiny scraps of cut coins pay the ultimate price, suffocating forever within the hazardous fluid.
Fortunately, when I spilled epoxy onto the surface of these coin crumbs, I was able to correctly anticipate the size of the puddle in advance, and I protected the surfaces that were most at risk with a petroleum resistant fabric, scotch tape. The spill remained relatively minor, and was successfully contained.
My oil leak was a tale of miraculous triumph, as life itself emerged from the primordial ooze in the form of an insect wing. Suddenly, with the help of oft hated petroleum, I had managed to convert a bunch of useless tiny metal shapes into an undeniably better thing.
Using money in my art is a habit I first formed many years ago, however, the current phase of creating objects from money and epoxy started at this time last year.
During a visit to my hometown in May of 2009, I was inspired by an old friend who was making giant jewelry and putting it on buildings in Milwaukee. He was telling me I should make jewelry from coins, and I began to visualize a method by which I could create beads.
When I returned to NYC, I made a few prototypes. By this point in time, the idea had evolved beyond simple jewelry into something far more divine: I would make a Rosary from money! What a metaphor!
Having been raised Catholic, I am still capable, with the permission of a priest, of rattling off the necessary prayers to turn this Holy Trinket into a full-fledged forgiveness granting amulet. Like the Blues Brothers, I was on a Mission from God.
I had such a splendid success when creating these beads that I was able to envision making all sorts of other objects using the same method. My head was swimming with ideas, and what ensued has been a long year of riding this momentum during which I have produced dozens of cool things.
Now, in addition to the creation of new art, I am trying to finish off many projects that were started and never completed. With oil spewing stronger than ever off the coast of Louisiana with no guaranteed end in sight, I find myself realizing that the time to finish this uniquely Religious project has never been more urgent.
Unfortunately, forgiveness is not what will help us right now, no matter how penitent we behave. So let's pray instead to plug the damn leak!

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Rebecca Lang said...

I love the rosary idea.