Wednesday, June 9, 2010

True Value Vs. BP's Best Estimate

I'm participating in the Crest Hardware Artshow in Williamsburg this Month. If you're in Brooklyn, come on down to see some cool art.
I'll be showing a couple of tools I made recently from chopped coins and epoxy.
Crest has been doing this for many years, and the publicity promises to be substantial. It's a setting that is a great alternative to a gallery, with the artwork being displayed amongst actual merchandise on pegboard.
The parameters of the open call asked for artwork to be "hardware themed" or made from materials found at a hardware store. I hit it perfect on both counts.
While I was working on this wrench, our current crisis was at a pivotal point a mile beneath the sea. BP was gearing up to use a tool of their own to try and gain control over their undersea blunder.
Their newest big idea? Cut the damn thing with a giant claw! Nothing about this seemed smart to me. They were planning to take a crimped hose and unscrew it from the spigot. Yikes!

So much for the East Coast....

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KnowledgeEater said...

Cool wrench!