Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cable Network News/Mixed Media

Of all the things in life with which I have an obsession, none remains more constant than my hunger for the news. Before the internet, I would start each morning by reading the entire newspaper. After 9-11-01 my addiction spiraled out of control, becoming a several hours per day habit which I still maintain. Often I see stories on artists and wonder what it takes to get noticed by the mainstream media. Do these artists find success instantaneously or simply fade away with yesterday's news?
During the election season, a massive amount of artwork depicting Obama was created, and one day while taking in the news I saw a blurb that caught my interest. An assignment was being offered to i-Reporters: "send us your Obama art". Of course I immediately created an account and uploaded some pictures.
Within minutes, my telephone rang. It was one of the producers, calling to ask permission to use my images on CNN. Finally, after years of trying to figure out unsuccessfully how to promote my artwork through the mainstream media, I had hit a bullseye. Even the press release I dropped off at the Associated Press headquarters in Manhattan with photographs of the exact same art yielded no result back in October. I thought that was the proper way to report news, yet it didn't work. Who knew it could be this easy?
Before I knew it I was appearing all over the i-Report website, poised to be viewed by millions.
Screw the galleries, I thought, who needs 'em?
And then I got a phonecall telling me I'd be on the TV in 25 minutes, sandwiched between some riots and a guy obsessed with his nipples:

The following day I posted some more pictures, hoping to separate myself from the pool of "Obama" artists by showing some newer work.
A few minutes later, it appeared on CNN, and was featured throughout the weekend on the i-Report website.
On Monday, January 12, at 1:40 Eastern time, I will conduct a telephone interview, live on CNN. I have a feeling 2009 will be a good year...

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