Monday, January 26, 2009

Auctioning America: The Land Grab Update

Auction Ended. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to those who won!

This is the video report I submitted to CNN I-Report to draw attention to my art auction. The assignment called for I-Reporters to share their creative solutions for dealing with the bum economy. Specifically, they asked for stories showing efforts to overcome or excel within the faltering financial future we're facing. This being my first video-diary submission ever, I was, of course, a bit nervous, but I got my message across, and feel I completed the assignment excellently.

Since beginning this Auction at 12 am EST Monday, January 26th, 7 states have bids.

1. Mississippi- $100
2. Pennsylvania- $100
3. Delaware- $200

4. New York-$100
5. Wisconsin-$100
6. New Mexico-$100
7. Arizona-$100
One State, California, has sold for $1000.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The auction has been posted in all Craigslist Artist sections of corresponding states. After 24 hours, the only 2 to be flagged are San Franscisco and Montana.

WEDNESDAY EVENING: Still no report on CNN... I'm not sure if it will run as a feature, but am keeping up hope. Here's the image from what they had up last night into this afternoon on the I-report page. If anything has no bids when the auction ends at 12 AM EST Thursday, January 29, I will retain possession of it for my personal collection, which is awesome because I love this stuff!
Bid now or be left behind. Once you lock in a bid, it can be yours for next to nothing, granted nobody else bids higher. Help me make art history and usher in an inspiring new era of creativity and hope. Thanks to All, Ted



Cat Rocketship said...

Good idea, and truly proactive, but I'm concerned that Iowa is not the correct shape. Concerned and disconcerted.

Ted Stanke said...

ah yes, a common complaint. I think when the states are separate, one must allow an acceptance of the sculpture as a more or less biomorphic object, based upon the state, but not necessarily identical. Partially this is due to the vantage point of the viewer, and also because of the context, Remember these pieces were built to work as a single unit, one giant map, so when extracted the individual shapes become less recognizable... still beautiful nonetheless!