Monday, August 2, 2010

Spiraling into Control/Homage to Gastropods

When I decided to start making creatures from chopped coins, I did not take the task lightly. Nature is probably the most impressive thing on the planet, and if an artist is to emulate it adequately it takes a proper approach.
I polished my technique, spending hours and hours on a seemingly small object, and in the end I think I did justice to the subject, however, being fairly biased, who am I to say?
So I took the critique to the source, and tried to determine how my sculpture compared to the real thing.
Looks like a shell, but does it feel like a shell?
One out of two slugs agree, this artwork is worth experiencing.
Hopefully the gesture didn't go to it's head!
The last thing I wanted to do was cause a garden slug shell-shock!
In the end the two returned to their lives, leaving me to deal with the slime, which, incidentally, is not easy to remove.
Thanks to Jason Hamilton for being there to snap the pictures!

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